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Muscle Fix - Muscle tape is becoming very popular.  Does it work for everyone?  Well, I don't know.  But I will say that MANY people claim to receive increased performance and decreased pain.   For a few bucks, it's worth a shot.


Ultimate Frisbee Field ConditionsUltimate Frisbee Field Conditions 

When it comes to Ultimate Cleats, my main consideration, before I choose my shoe is the condition of the playing surface.  Two primary field conditions are wet / muddy or dry / hard.  Condition of the field is paramount to the health of your feet, ankles, and knees.  As Ultimate players, we are sometimes asked to play in less than ideal conditions and your personal cleat selection will make a difference in your performance.

Turf cleats work well for certain dry field conditions.Turf Cleats

If the surface of the Ultimate playing field is hard and dry, I will choose a turf cleat with a short knobby rubber low profile sole.  I've found turf cleats are my all around favorite playing shoe.  I currently wear Adidas Mundial turf cleats exclusively.  For a number of years, I wore Reebok turf shoes but I have not been able to find them in my size lately.  Below are a few recommendations of turf cleats that I have been happy with.  Click the links to purchase from 


Adidas Mundial - Some of the best turf cleats ever made.
Kangaroo Uppers make for unparalled comfort.  Looking for hard ground/indoor cleats?  Get these.


Molded cleats are good for muddy and wet conditions.Molded Cleats

I choose molded cleats when I am playing on a wet or muddy field.  Molded cleats grip well when you need extra traction.  Molded cleats are good, general, all around cleats for competitive Ultimate play.  My current favorite molded cleats are a pair of Reebok with 12 nubs.  Also look for Gaia, Nike, Puma,  Pony, and Mitra.

Once again, Adidas has done a great job with this molded cleat.
Expensive but well worth the cost.

Adidas Copa Mundial are some of the best cleats ever.
These are pricey but Amazon has about the best price you can find
on these amazing cleats.  Want the best?  Get these.

Another turf shoe.  Diadora?  I heard some pretty good comments about these.  Will let you know.

Women's Cleats

Women have narrower feet and need a differently shaped shoe.  I have also been reading lately that women have a greater chance than men of having knee problems when playing "cutting" sports like ultimate and soccer.  ACL tears are nasty injuries to suffer on the field. 
It seems to me that a good pair of cleats and proper cleat selection for field conditions are vital to your play and your health.  Be careful out there ladies.

Click Here for a full line of Women's Ultimate Cleats

I don't know from personal experience but my lady friends have
good things to say about Diadora.

Puma PowerCat --- MEOWWW!!!


After-play Ultimate Shoes

There is nothing I like more than relaxing my feet in a pair of comfy sandals after a hard tournament.  These adidas are less than 20 bucks...a bargain.



More about Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

Spiked cleats and metal cleats such as used for golf, track and field, and baseball are not allowed in Ultimate.  Check with the professionals at your local shoe store and your doctor before purchasing a pair of athletic cleats.  Also, check with your Ultimate league director.  These professionals will help you wear the right shoes.

Apart from the soles and the nubs themselves, there are a few other items to look for.

1)  Attachment of the sole to the upper:  Ultimate players change direction vigorously.  A solid attachment of the sole and the upper is essential.

2)  Insole:  Plantar fasciitis is a common complaint.  A great insole is essential.  I actually like a firm insole as opposed to gel inserts. Never let your insoles deteriorate.

3)  Laces:  On molded cleats, I like to wrap my laces around across my foot and around the bottom of my cleats.  Therefore, long sturdy laces are essential.

4)  Tongue:  A thick tongue will help protect the bridge of your foot and keep the laces from binding up your socks.

One word on quality.  Spending $90 on a pair of cleats is hard to do sometimes but normally higher price means better quality in a sport shoe.  I am a strong believer in buying quality shoes regardless of price. 

Take care of  your feet, ankles, and knees.  Get professional advice from your Dr., your Ultimate coach, and your local shoe professional.


Ultimate Frisbee Field Maintenance

Field maintenance is vital in having a fun & safe day on the Ultimate field. 




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